• If you are thinking about or curious about microblading- Alaina at Brows and Blush Co. can guide you to your ultimate brows. Her attention to detail and guidance put you at ease that you’ll end up with the shape and colour best suited to you.- Megan W.
  • My experience with Brows and Blush Co. was awesome! Alaina made me feel very comfortable and really took the time to make sure I had the right shape and color for my face. I love how natural they look and not having to pencil my eyebrows in every morning is amazing! I have recommended Alaina to many of my friends looking for a great solution for natural ready to go brows. Thanks again Alaina! – Melissa M.
  • I could not be happier with my microblading experience with Alaina from brows & blush co. She did an amazing job of explaining the microblading process, helping me select a natural looking pigment and shaping my brows. My brows are now magically in unison and my daily make-up routine is much quicker. I would highly recommend Alaina and brows & blush co for anyone looking to have fantastic brows!’ – Jessie (Ottawa)
  • I had a fantastic experience with Brows and Blush Co! My eyebrows were basically non existent and lacking shape. Alaina made me feel comfortable with the process and her extreme attention to detail. I didn’t realize how much she would change my life, and my face. My brows are flawless and natural looking. A true artist, her work speaks for itself! – Shauna J.
  • If anyone is considering getting microblading done I cannot recommend Alaina highly enough, she is awesome at her job and she takes the time to get every detail accurate. Alaina is a true professional at her job and is very precise when creating the perfect brow to suit your face! I love what she has done to my brows and how that has made a huge difference in me and how I see myself when I look in the mirror! Thanks so much Alaina! – Aisling M.
  • I’ve seen Alaina twice now, once for my initial appointment and once for a touch up. I had very thin, sparse, and uneven brows that I used to be so self-conscious of and couldn’t leave the house without filling them in. Alaina made sure on my first appointment that my brows were finally even and gave me a shape that I love. Saves me so much time in the morning and I also don’t have to worry about going out barefaced! Couldn’t recommend her enough! – Devin B.
  • I have been to see Alaina now for the second time. Once for the initial and just yesterday for my touch up. My brows look amazing. Alaina is an expert not only at the microblading portion, but as well shaping the brows to best compliment ones face. My eyebrows were pretty well non existent and a mess. I finally feel pretty again; yes having great brows can do that for a person. I would absolutely recommend Alaina to anyone. I will be a continuos client and no one else will be touching my brows besides her. – Crystal C.
  • I highly recommend Alaina for anyone looking to get microblading done! She takes the time to go through everything so you are comfortable with your final look. She is very professional and detail oriented from booking your initial appoint to the procedure to following up so you are completely satisfied. –Artie P.
  • I am so incredibly happy with my brows! Alaina is extremely talented and has an eye for what brow shape will work best for you. She does not start until you are entirely happy with the shape and colour and continues to make sure of your comfort throughout the entire procedure. I highly, highly recommend you go see her!!!!! – Danica S.
  • Alaina did such an amazing job on my eyebrows. I have received so many compliments on the shape of my brows!! Although I was really nervous to get them done the fact that she took the time drawing them on and ensuring that I was happy with the shape before hand really made me trust she would do a good job. I will continue recommending her to all of my friends! –Jen B.
  • Alaina has top notch skills and a wonderful personality to boot. Very professional and includes you every step of the way in the process. Loved working with her and love my brows. Thank you Alaina! – Brittney A.
  • Amazing! I highly recommend Alaina to anyone looking to have microbladding. I have very uneven, sparse eyebrows and now they look amazing and I feel more confident. Thank you again for the amazing service!! – Krista D.
  • Had my brows done this afternoon, could not be more thrilled with the results so far. I felt that the level of precision, details and options for my brows were not only professional but Alaina made sure I would be happy with the final outcome. Cannot wait for my touch ups! – Meaghan T.
  • I would recommend Alaina to anyone! She is extremely personable, meeting with her was like seeing an old friend. She has a beautiful studio that brings a comforting ambience. Getting my eyebrows done has truly changed my life, that may sound dramatic but it really has. I never had much for eyebrows and always had a hard time evening them out, getting microblading has given me confidence and much more time in the morning! Thank you Alaina, you are wonderful. – Vanessa Y.
  • Love, love, love my brows, waking up to flawless brows is priceless. Studio was very clean and Alaina did a great job at answering any questions I had as well as great after care information. Would recommend 100% to anyone considering getting this done. You will be obsessed with your new brows! – Haben B.
  • Just had my eyebrows done yesterday and am so obsessed that I don’t even care to put on any other makeup. It enhances your face completely! Alaina was so professional and welcoming! I highly recommended her to anyone and everyone wanting to get their brows (and I’m sure other services) done! – Chanel C.


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